Avoid damaged

wheel bearings

At NK we have received a few unusual claims on wheel bearings for Nissan Navara D40 2006-2010 that were completely damaged.

We have deep-dived into these claims.

This car model is equipped with air breathers at the upper side of the rear axle. If these are blocked or damaged, the air pressure inside the rear axle will become too high, when the oil temperature increases under driving conditions. When this occurs, the axle oil will pass though the sealing between axle and bearing house. Consequently the bearing grease will be washed out and the bearing kit will become overheated and subsequently melt down. In many cases also the rear axle will be damaged.

Grease and oil have run out of the rear axle and are burnt.

The bearing damage is quite obvious.


Cleaning or replacing the air breathers may prevent damage of the wheel bearings.

ATTENTION! To avoid this type of damage, always remember to clean or replace air breathers while servicing and repairing.