NK introduces ECE R90 on brake discs and drums.

What the regulation says 

The purpose of the ECE Regulation 90 is to ensure that only safety parts of an acceptable and reliable quality are sold on the market.
The European Union has decided that with effect from November 2016, ECE Regulation 90 shall apply to the sale and entry into service of new replacement discs and drums for passenger cars, vans, etc.

This means that new discs and drums introduced on the aftermarket from this date on are subject to type approval according to ECE R90.

What the market demands
New legislation will always create confusion in the market. What is included? What is not? When does it take effect? Is it the same in all countries? How will it influence my business? Etc.

What we do
NK wants to remove uncertainty. Therefore we have decided to type- approve a considerable number of the most used part numbers, mainly for car models produced from 2010 on.
This work is in progress. Furthermore we will of course test and approve all new part numbers that we introduce after November 2016.
Download our ECE R90 flyer and read more about our NK and ECE R90 approach here.