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From 6 March to 31 March, we offer the NK Brake Cleaner at special low prices.

When buying a full pallet (=1008 cans), your price is € 907.20 (€ 0.90 per can).

With NK Brake Cleaner you get the ideal multipurpose cleaning spray for:

  • Brake dust, brake fluid or grease on brake parts
  • Cleaning of oiled discs and drums before fitting
  • Oil and grease on motor components
  • Dissolving of silicon and residues of gaskets
  • Cleaning of tools and machinery
  • Delivered in 500 ml cans with high content of cleaner and minimum aerosols
  • 12 cans per carton – 84 cartons on a pallet
  • Meets all relevant standards and safety regulations

NK article number: 2021600

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The offer is valid from 6 March to 31 March.