Quality that pays off

… save up to 50% on clutch kits

A clutch repair does not need to cost a fortune.

In most cases it makes sense to replace the old clutch kit even on older cars with low sales value, since there are good alternatives to the more expensive OEM or premium parts on the market.

NK has developed a clutch range which is also dedicated to the older part of the vehicle fleet. Each kit includes clutch, driven plate and, if required, bearings.

Generally the prices on NK clutch kits are 30-35% below corresponding OEM or premium price level, and in some cases the difference is even more than 50%.

This does not mean that we compromise on product quality. NK clutch kits are dimensioned in accordance with OEM parts and manufactured according to the quality standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. The friction components are made exclusively from materials which conform to EU specifications for heavy metals and other hazardous materials.

All components are manufactured using modern specialized machinery. Ongoing systematic process control ensures high-quality end products.

On all NK clutch parts we offer the market’s most extensive guarantee: 5 year against defects in material and workmanship.

In addition to standard clutch kits, we offer a range of conversion kits for dual mass flywheel clutch kits, which are used on a number of popular diesel models. The conversion kits include a solid flywheel, combined with a traditional clutch kit and fitting bolts. This provides a number of benefits, including lower repair costs, as well as a sturdy, reliable structure with a long service life. Read here.

Furthermore the NK range includes clutch hydraulic components such as concentric slave cylinders, master cylinders, slave cylinders and adjustment valves. In addition, we offer a wide range of clutch cables.

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June 2017