NK is a leading supplier of brake discs to the independent European aftermarket.

A wide, up-to-date range of brake discs combined with a high level of quality and high delivery ratio have prompted increasing numbers of distributors to choose NK brake discs. The range complies with the requirements of ECE R90.


Standard range

Manufactured in a sturdy cast-iron grade (GG20) to meet market needs for brake performance, safety, comfort and service life. Dimensioned according to OE.


Coated brake discs

NK offers the market’s widest range of coated brake discs. The coating inhibits the formation of rust on non-wearing surfaces of the brake disc. Degreasing before installation is not required.


Discs with ABS and bearings – standard and coated

Rear-axle discs equipped with mechanical or magnetic-rubber ABS rings and/or bearings. These are particularly used for a number of French car models.

NK offers the discs with integrated bearings and ABS both as coated and standard discs.


High-carbon brake discs

Front discs mainly for upper-medium car models, especially selected BMW, Audi, Mercedes and VW. Produced in cast iron with high carbon content to provide high thermal stability which make the discs suitable for frequent, hard braking action. Available coated and with fixation screws.


Bi-metallic brake discs

NK offers a selected range of bi-metallic brake discs for the aftermarket.

This type of disc is used especially on a number of popular BMW models. With NK bi-metallic discs you get an excellent and affordable alternative to the originalpart.

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